Code of Ethics

Code of Ethics

Code of Conduct


I. Need and objective of the Code

Although we are not a listed company, we have a Corporate Governance policy in place which lays down a Code of Conduct for Directors on the Board and the Core Management.

II. Company's belief system

This Code of Conduct attempts to set forth the guiding principles on which the Company shall operate and conduct its daily business with its multitudinous stakeholders, government and regulatory agencies, media, and anyone else with whom it is connected.

III. Philosophy Of The Code

The Code envisages and expects - adherence to the highest standards of honest and ethical conduct, including proper and ethical procedures in dealing with actual or apparent conflicts of interest between personal and professional relationships. full, fair and accurate disclosures in the periodic reports required to be filed by the Company with government and regulatory agencies.

General Standards of object:
The Directors and members of the Core Management while discharging duties of their office must act honestly and with due diligence. They are expected to act with that amount of utmost care and prudence, which an ordinary person is expected to take in his/her own business.

Every member of the Board of Directors and Core Management is expected to perform his/her duties in a way that they do not conflict with the Company's interest in regard to -

Employment - The member of the Core Management are expected to devote his/her total attention to the business interests of the Company and prohibited from engaging in any activity that interferes with their performance or responsibilities. Business Interests - Every member of the Board of Directors and Core Management shall disclose to the Company any interest that they have which may conflict with the business of the Company.
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