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House Construction / Repair / Purchase Loan


Documents required for House Construction/Repair/Purchase Loans.


  1. Absolute Sale Deed
  2. Possession Certificate/Release of Lease Agreement
  3. Betterment Charges paid receipt
  4. Latest Khatha Certificate and Khatha Extract
  5. Upto date Tax paid receipt
  6. Encumbarance for 13 years in Form No.15
  7. Income Proof
  8. Sanctioned Plan
  9. Family Affidavit for loan repayment commitment
  10. Residential Address Proof
  11. Building Photo
  12. IT Returns for last 3 years along with Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss Account Statement duly certified by the charted accountant


Purpose of Loan: For each purpose required documents to be submitted along with the above documents.

 1.  Building Construction
  • Sanctioned Plan
  • Estimate for Building Construction
 2.  Purchase of Property  Sale Agreement and documents related to the particular property
 3.  Building Repair/Renovation  Estimate for Building Renovation/Repair


  • 70% for the building valuation(Govt. Guidance Value) or maximum of 500 lakhs whichever is less will be considered for loan sanctioning
  • Repayment of monthly installments - as per the Bank rules
  • Loan will be sanctioned subject to fulfillment of any other conditions of the Bank(proportionate share amount, loan processing charges, insurance charges)
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